On April 09th 2014 within Dusseldorf Exhibition, took place our 3rd Symposium, another successful Event based on Technology and Research.

First of all, we’d like to thank all our Guests who attended and enjoyed the Event:an audience of over 100 person in the name of INNOVATION.

During last Symposium in 2012, we briefly advanced all our Guests about one of our targets in partnership with an Institute Research to carry out a prototype for a new system of in line Tan-Delta, and now…we’ve got it !
We are so proud of our achievement so that this year we decided to introduce, as main topic,the result of a long,difficult and ambitious RESEARCH PROGRAM : NIRWIN.
Since the quality is a requirement becoming always more and more important, now by using this innovative system, we offer You the possibility to provide a correct and accurate in-line reading of Tan Delta:actually, the value can be read continuously, from the beginning of the production up to the end to grant the best quality.

You are invited to take a look at the whole speech here enclosed to go thoroughly on the topic.

Another special thanks to our Guest Speakers and everybody else who attended and enjoyed the event.


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