Research & Development
Research & Development

Cooperation with scientific istitutions
to face enviromental responsabilities

The long and classical approach to
equipment development, based on
continuous restyling and improvement of
previous models by long lasting trials, no
longer applies to a fast and competitive
world. That’s why Newtech investments in
R&D are determined to follow a much
more scientific approach.

The definition of research and development is very clear for our company.
Industrial “Research and Development” refers to planned research activities or critical investigations aimed to acquire new knowledge, to be used to develop new products, production processes or services in order to allow a clear improvement of existing products, production processes or services.
Our company constantly invests in R&D. A dedicated team is constantly researching new processes, improvements and systems that can make our plants more competitive.

“I would like to state that
investment in R&D is one
of our major strengths”
Furio Melone, CEO Newtech
For Wire&Cable India publication
Nov - Dec 2020